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Straightening Out The Two Biggest Blackjack Misconceptions

One would think in this data and information driven day and age, that people were fully clued up on the very core of blackjack. Still, there is probably no casino game out there that holds as many unjustifiable misconceptions as does the game of blackjack. Even when you make a Google search about blackjack, most websites fail to even get the objective right. “Blackjack is about getting as close to 21 as possible without exceeding it” they say. But to someone who might be new to the game of blackjack, this is probably the most confusing piece of information one could ever offer.

Let’s therefore straighten out a thing or two about the incomparably thrilling game of blackjack.

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The objective
As all other casino games, blackjack is played directly against the casino. You’re competing for their money. The half truth mentioned above about blackjack being all about getting as close to twenty-one as possible is just a part of the game. Yes, getting as close to 21 as possible is important – under the right circumstances. For by simply presenting this piece of information as if it were some universal truth, how then does is a new blackjack player to know whether to take a card on 18? Is it ever correct to do so? Sure, 18 sounds good, but if the objective is to get as close to 21 as possible, where then exactly do you draw the line?

This is why we at Palasino are always picky about giving the full picture whenever it comes to proper blackjack. All in all, blackjack is about three things – and three things combined!

1) Yes, to get as close to 21 as possible without exceeding it.
2) To tactically play safe whenever the dealer is weak and exploit their chances of going bust.
3) To exploit statistically favorable situations in which you may add more money to your bet, such as splitting or doubling down.

To further expand a bit on point number 2, if a dealer has a 5 or a 6 as their exposed card, then the chances of their busting is at around 45 percent, give or take. If you have a hand of 16, your chances of busting if you take another card is roughly 8 out of 13, or 62 percent. Now, 16 is by no means a good hand, but if you face a 62 percent risk of losing if you draw another card, or a 55 percent risk of losing if you don’t, then the decision becomes obvious: you stand pat as your chances of winning are then better.

When it comes to point number 3, you want to take full advantage of any favorable situations. If, for example, you have an 11 versus the dealer’s 5, you’re in a golden spot and hence want to invest as much as you humanly can. Unfortunately, your option is limited to doubling down on your bet, but that is more than good enough. You have a 50 percent chance of getting 18,51 or higher, and 50 percent chance of getting 18,50 or lower. Even if you catch a bad card, a 3 say for a total blackjack hand value of 14 (11+3), then the bank still has a 45 percent chance of busting (as in exceeding 21) upon which you automatically win with your 14 anyhow.

These three pointers combined are exactly why blackjack is a brain game. It’s a game that has, and still does, occupy the greatest game theory minds on the planet.

Other players at your table
Any other blackjack player at your table is not a competitor. You all want the same thing: to win money against the dealer. The fortune or misfortune of your co-players does not in the least affect your chances of winning. Still, few things frustrate us as much as when the last base blackjack player makes a stupid or unconventional play after which the dealer catches those magical cards that give them a six-card 21, where, if only that moron player had done what he should, the dealer would have busted.

It is tempting to cast blame on fellow blackjack table players whose uneducated decisions alter the course for the worst on certain hands. But do keep this in mind: just as often they will do so and save the whole table. It’s just that those occasions get very little attention.

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